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Customer Interview - P3 Provides Mobile Network Benchmarking Services Using TEMS™


In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it is vital that mobile network operators have accurate, ongoing, real-world insight into strengths and weaknesses related to the actual performance of their networks, especially when it comes to the end-user’s perception of that performance. This information is vital to identifying opportunities for maximizing revenue and business potential, and ultimately for providing a competitive network that appeals to new subscribers and maintains a loyal base. That’s why conducting regular internal and competitive benchmarking activities is so important. In this short interview, Hakan Ekman, Manging Director from P3 and Faiq Khan, SVP InfoVista, explain their partnership and the unique contribution to the mobile industry it offers. Learn how P3, a world-leading engineering services company, uses InfoVista’s TEMS network testing solutions to provide mobile network benchmarking services to operators worldwide.

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