End-to-End Mobile Service Assurance: Keeping Customers Happy


For many mobile operators (MNOs), an subsequent increase in subscriber churn and the operational expenses required to fix problems, represents the highest cost of mobile network outages and service degradations. So, why does this keep happening? There are two major causes – mobile network complexity and a lack of visibility into problems. MNOs typically have a multitude of performance tools to manage different parts of the network, each giving only partial visibility. Yet, quality of service (QoS) relies on all of mobile network domains working together as a cohesive delivery chain. In this video, you will learn how InfoVista’s End-to-End Mobile Service Assurance solution can help you retain your subscribers by providing comprehensive visibility into mobile network performance and QoS from a single pane of glass, with: • Actionable cross-network dashboards, from the core, to the backhaul, to the RAN • Powerful drill-down workflows allowing NOC to proactively diagnose problems with great precision • Predictive analytics for engineering to forecast CAPEX when and where it is most needed, in order to prevent capacity outages • Hundreds of out-of-the-box, pre-defined reports that can immediately detect and diagnose problems • A flexible and modular design that lets you create and tailor reports in days to the needs of each department.

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